Beanies on Me

I wrote to give voice to the dreams

And aspirations.

Look inward, sometimes not out of the box.

I’m not the type that makes up stuff

I don’t want to be like other lyrics

I want to inspire people to live better

So they can lead more fulfilling lives

So they can live more fulfilling lives

It’s about wanting to be true to oneself

And to life’s possibilities

I write what I feel is true

so I write about what I see

I write to give voice to the dreams and aspirations

That sometimes gets lost in the everyday

A way to share with the world what we see and feel

My pen is my instrument and poetry is my language

Sharing what we see and feel in a way that we can relate

sometimes I write about the things that are important to me

I’m not trying to be someone else’s ideal

so don’t try to make me yours too

I try to be somebody else’s ideal

to stay hungry and stay free

So don’t try

I will write to give voice to the dreams and aspirations

I’m not an optimist

I’m not a pessimist

I’m not a perfectionist

I’m just a blogger

I was always told to grow up, to be good

And stay in my lane

Give up the dreams, just be real

But ooh, I was lied to

‘Cause when you dream you think you fly

And soon I realized it’s true what they say

You can do anything if you try

And so I started writing silly words about my life

To inspire others to dream big and try

what they might not want to do for me

So next time you’re feeling uninspired,

stop listening to them talking

about what they’re of next week they are dreaming

Tell them that you’re living your dream right now

Taking the steps towards making it happen

You don’t have to be perfect

You don’t have to do it all today

Just enjoy it


I’m a creative designer who has been working with leading brands for over 10 years. My work has been tagged both original as well as inspirational.


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